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Attack Surface Mapping

Know what you own in pristine detail.

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The advantage Bit Discovery has is that everything a customer could ask for is already in an incredibly performant database...

With zero prior knowledge, this product becomes useful from the moment you enter a domain name...

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Best in Class

Trusted by governments, the Fortune 500, and major technology companies

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Know your gaps

Unmatched attack surface mapping accuracy that reveals your gaps

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Stay in Compliance

Get alerts before you're out of compliance

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Tracks change

24/7 monitoring for new domain names, hostnames, phishing sites, and technology

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Use Cases

Competitive Analysis

Reveal the Asset Inventory of current and potential competitors to identify strategic opportunities.

Marketing & Brand Protection

Secure your brand by recognizing expired marketing campaigns, misspellings, SEO opportunities, and misuse.

GDPR Compliance

Reveal locations where PII is captured and stored, to fully comply with industry regulations.


Understand which assets have noncompliant technology, missing legal disclaimers, and expired copyright notices.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Instantly see every internet-facing asset of your target company before acquisition to discern risk early.

Information Security

Mitigate risk and avert potential threats by knowing exactly what you own. Asset Inventory is foundational to security strategy.

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Created by industry experts

Jeremiah Grossman

Founder of WhiteHat Security. World-Renowned Professional Hacker. Jeremiah's career spans nearly 20 years and he has become one of the computer security industry's biggest names.

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Robert Hansen

Robert is a quarter-century veteran of infosec, spanning a career of penetration testing, security architecture, security product management, and security research.

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The world's top companies and agencies use Bit Discovery to discover just about anything about their internet-facing assets.

An Inventory of everything

It's all there. Your domains, subdomains, exposed technologies — organized into a speedy, searchable Inventory that stays updated automatically.

Go Beyond Asset Inventory

Bit Discovery also Inventories extensive technology information about each asset in your inventory.

Know Instantly

Important changes to any of your assets are quickly identified. Receive daily email summaries of changes.


Bit Discovery is simple, fast, and easy to use.

Technology Fingerprinting

Thousands of technologies. Hundreds of ports. Zero hassle.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR is a prolific set of compliance mandates and has sweeping implications for companies that serve customers in the European Union. A critical component of compliance is starting off with a known set of assets and identifying the places where PII is captured and stored, or where customer data may get exposed.

TLS Key Length & Protocol

Identify weak and outdated cipher suites.

Hosting Country

Locate the geographic region of your assets.

Outdated Copyright Notices

See if your legal team is paying attention to the sites in question.

Advertising Networks

Identify third party who may be capturing user traffic/sentiment.

Google Analytics

Find where third party analytics software may be gathering PII.

Facebook Widgets

Capture the locations where social sites might correlate your users.


Focus on the dynamic sites that are most likely to have customer data.

Fraud Investigation

Fast forward fraud investigations by locating sites of interest.


See where your marketing team might be retargeting your users.

Marketing Automation

Find where your marketing team might be gathering contacts.

Outdated Services

If you aren't patching you aren't compliant.


Are you collecting customer data and on which websites?