Inventory Made Easy

An inventory of your company's internet-accessible tech. Instantly created. Automatically updated.

How it works


Instant Inventory Creation

Provide one domain name, and Bit Discovery does the rest, instantly creating a complete Inventory.


Deep Discovery

Bit Discovery keeps running and goes deeper, continually updating your Inventory with discovered ports, services, and technology.


Get Notified

Prompt notification keeps you informed when your Inventory is updated with newly discovered tech.


advanced discovery

Advanced Discovery

Bit Discovery automatically discovers your internet-accessible tech, and then inventories it for you. It discovers domain names, subdomains, ports, and does extensive technology fingerprinting.


Powerful Filtering

Bit Discovery delivers detailed information for all of your assets. Filtering makes the information you're looking for easy to find.

email alert

Email Alerts

Notification in the Bit Discovery application is great, but notification in email is even better. Every little bit of data, new found assets, and updates to known assets are available to you anytime, anywhere.

linkedin login

Auth0 Single Sign On

To access Bit Discovery, use the credentials of your most trusted existing account. No additional account setup necessary!