What is Bit Discovery?

Bit Discovery is a website discovery and web portfolio management utility.

What browser should I use?

Bit Discovery works best with Google Chrome. Future versions will support a wider variety of browsers.

How do I search for my websites?

Search is easy. Log in to your bitdiscovery.com account using the authentication you prefer, and the search page will load. Use the search field to search by domain name, IP address, or IP range. The results will appear below, ready to add to your portfolio.

How do I add assets to my portfolio?

Click the checkbox to the left of each desired listing, or the All checkbox. Then select +Add to Portfolio. A menu will drop down, allowing you to create a portfolio folder, or select any of several existing folders. Select one or more and click add to complete the action.

Another way to add assets to folders is to click the black folder icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This opens the slide-out menu on the right. Assets can be dragged one by one into desired folders.

What are Archived Results?

You may find some assets more useful than others. Rather than see unwanted results in each search, you may hide any listed assets that are irrelevant to your purposes by archiving them. They will appear on the Archived Results page and can be unarchived any time you choose. Further, archiving an asset also hides it across all portfolios it may reside in. Unarchiving the asset then reveals it in all portfolios it had previously been added to.

To archive an asset listed in your search or portfolio, select the checkbox to the right of the asset. Then select Archive in the menu at the top of the page.

Who is the team behind Bit Discovery?

Bit Discovery was created by Jeremiah Grossman and Robert Hansen, and developed in Moonlight Labs by Lex Arquette and Llana Grossman. For more on our current team, please see Who We Are.